About Me

Sarita Vaughan is Texan born and raised. She is a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and mother to five beautiful children. Brought up in the central Texas Hill Country, her aesthetic is simple yet elegant, balancing comfort with easy to care for pieces. And everything about champagne, spanning from it's delectable taste to the glamorous bottle it comes in, propels us to include it in all toasts made to beginnings of new and happier chapters. Sometimes when the intention is right and the passion to create exists, magic happens. Such is the case with Champagne Tulip. It began as an idea -- a desire to curate a line of clothing for a casual lifestyle, with easy to care for pieces. Champagne Tulip is about enjoying life's pleasures while slowing things down and relaxing. From pretty packaging to stylish, local events, Champagne Tulip is everywhere.